Why the Senate should stop spending money on Obamacare repeal

A new bill would put a temporary stop to the spending of billions of dollars on the Obamacare repeal.The Senate’s version of the GOP bill would block the government from spending more money on the Affordable Care Act for the first three months of 2018, instead setting a six-month limit.“We’re just not going to have the money for this until […]

What to know about Nvidia’s upcoming GPU upgrades

By now, we know that Nvidia has made its GTX 970M and GTX 970Ti launch plans public.The company also released a bunch of new drivers and software updates to developers.That includes a couple of new GPUs that it has confirmed will be available to purchase on January 11.But what are the actual upgrades?Nvidia’s first major update is a big one, […]

How to protect yourself from antivirus software

You’ve probably noticed a pattern emerging in recent months: antivirus programs that have been bundled with all the major web browsers.The trend has continued into the new year, as antivirus companies push out more and more of their software bundled with their products, and the companies that make them continue to add features to make them more useful and customizable.But […]

3D modeling software used to make model of US drone strike

By Jonathan GivensPublished August 10, 2017 06:59:00It looks like the most realistic, detailed 3D model of the US drone strikes in Yemen has been made by a team of 3D modelling software specialists at the University of Toronto.3D modeling of a US drone in Yemen, published on GithubThis drone model, released by a 3D simulation firm called elgatos software, uses […]

How to replace your Samsung phone with a Samsung charger

By JOE REYES | 06/14/2015 09:55:47Many people may have seen the picture above and assumed it was a promotional photo of Samsung.But what if the picture was real?Well, that would be a real life story. In July, a man named Michael Breen of Los Angeles, California filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung.The lawsuit was filed in California State Court and […]

Which Irish company is buying the internet and making its own apps?

QI Software, an Irish software company, is in talks with a number of internet and internet-based services providers to buy the business of QuiSoftware, which owns QuiTalk, a popular chat platform.The Irish Independent has learnt that the Irish company has agreed to buy QI’s popular messaging app, which is widely used by consumers and businesses in Ireland.QI has been working […]

Which software company is getting the biggest bang for their buck?

By now, we’ve all heard of the news of Google’s acquisition of the mobile analytics company Hummingbird, the acquisition of rival software company Hibernate for $300 million, and the acquisition by Google of mobile data analytics company Wunderlist for $100 million.As part of the deal, Google will pay $1 billion for Hiberntech and WunderList, and then a third of the […]

CBS News: Cyber attack ‘a threat to our democracy’

CBS News’ Chris Wallace reports that a cyber attack targeting the US voting system has caused “major disruptions” in the presidential election.The cyberattack is a “threat to our democratic process,” Wallace reports, adding that “there’s no question that it’s been a significant setback.”Wallace adds that the US “is in a very, very different place right now” from before the hack.He […]

Microsoft: No more games, no more consoles

Microsoft is taking a major step forward with the next generation of its Xbox and gaming consoles, as it announced today that it will no longer support PC games.This comes after the launch of the Xbox One S, a new version of the console that includes a more powerful processor and more powerful graphics.It also means that gamers won’t be […]

How to upgrade your Android phone and get rid of the lock screen app

The latest Android app for phones and tablets is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store, but not everyone is happy about it.The new Google Play version of Dragon Software has a new lock screen with an app called “Unlocker.”In this app, users can lock the device, which then gets locked.The lock screen, meanwhile, has an icon […]

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