How the Big Five Became the Biggest Companies in the World

In the year 2040, the biggest companies will be bigger than the United States.But for now, that’s just how things are.That’s the optimistic view, and one that holds a lot of promise for the future of business.The question, of course, is how big can the big companies really be?The big four companies — Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft — will […]

How to download your car rental software

When you’re looking to rent a car, you’ll likely have to sign up for a car rental program like CarRentNow or free services will let you pick up your rental car and then schedule your appointment online, or you can hire a car from a company like Hertz or Kia.Both are free for both individuals and companies.However, if you’re […]

How to take your software engineering job to the next level with this tech internship

Tech Internship is back.And it’s cheaper than ever.It’s free, and it’s fast.Here’s everything you need to know about the career options available right now.1.Tech Internships Are Cheap Now.Here are some reasons why:1.Your Cost per Hour Will Be Less than a Traditional Software Engineer Internship2.You Can Work in any Area3.You Will Have More Opportunities to Meet Career Opportunities4.You’ll Get Paid Fast5.You […]

Which software update should I use to control my iPad?

In this installment of the AppleInsider iPhone/iPad series, we’ll look at the different apps and updates you can install to tweak the way your iPhone works.1.iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Your iPhone is a mobile device with a built-in screen.It doesn’t have to have a display.When you connect your iPhone to an external display, you can control it through a […]

How to fix your student software to prevent data loss

A software update is designed to fix problems in a particular software version, but it may not always be the best fix. If you’re installing a new software version on a student’s computer, the software could be vulnerable to a hacker. “The student has not fully verified their software,” said David Loy, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A student could potentially […]

How to upgrade to Google+ Photos 3.0 on a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft says it is rolling out a new photo-sharing feature that lets you upload and share photos with anyone who has access to a Windows PC.Users of Windows 10 can now upload and view photos with Google+ Photo, Microsoft says in a blog post published Thursday.The update also adds the ability to share photos to Facebook and Twitter.The feature requires […]

Redragon, the software used to turn smartphones into gaming machines

Logitech has revealed the software that turns its cameras into gaming computers, in a new software update.The software is the latest of a series of software updates for the company’s popular gaming cameras.The updates, dubbed “Logitech Cloud,” roll out gradually over the coming months, and include improvements to cameras, as well as improvements to the software itself.Logitech is releasing “Logicon” […]

The NSA Is Making Mind Maps, Here’s What You Need To Know

With its massive data collection, the NSA has been building up its own mental mapping software.And now, they’re finally releasing it for free, for anyone to use and use freely.The software is called Mind Maps.According to the company, the software is “designed to allow individuals to quickly and easily map their surroundings to understand their environment, make plans, and map […]

Why I stopped using Audacity and Audacity Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere CS6 were the only two open source editors on my computer in 2016.I was the one who wrote all the code and the only one who used Audacity.I had no idea how it was done.When I started using Audition for audio editing, I learned all about it.Audacity is the most popular open source audio […]

Music software that can make your music sound more realistic.

The Software for People article We love the idea of music software, but we don’t want to be stuck in our own worlds.We want to take that same technology and apply it to make the worlds around us.In this article, we’re going to take you through the different components of music production software, how they’re used, and how to make […]

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