When you can’t afford the next iPhone: Tips on how to buy the next device

Some people don’t have the cash to buy their next iPhone, but they’re still trying to find the next great deal.Here’s what you need to know about the next model and how to decide what to buy.1.You can’t buy a new iPhone now

Redragon mouse OS: Live with a Live Video Editing System

Redragon software is a software for the red dragon mouse, which has been used in some video editing programs since its release in 2009.Redragon is designed to be an alternative to other video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Inkscape, which uses an editing system called Premiere Pro.It also has a lot of features like Live Preview, which lets you […]

Israeli authorities to ban software from Iran – Israel’s Times of Israel

Israeli authorities will begin banning software from the Islamic Republic in a move that could further complicate a deal reached last month between Tehran and world powers over its nuclear program.On Wednesday, the cabinet will vote on the draft legislation, which will ban the sale of all software from both the United States and Iran that are designed to allow […]

When it comes to PS4 Pro, a ‘noisy’ user experience

On Thursday, we reported on a new feature in the PS4 console’s Home menu that allows users to create their own personalised “Fan Control” system to control their PS4 games.A new system for fans, a feature that can be activated in the Home menu, allows users the option to customize fan profiles for specific games and games modes.It’s a great […]

New iPhone 4S will be released on November 4th, Apple says

Apple announced today that it will release its next-generation iPhone 4s on November 3rd.The new iPhone 4 is the first Apple product to launch in 2019.In an update to its iPhone blog, Apple explained that the new iPhone will have a “5.5-inch display with a 1080p resolution” and will be available in a variety of colors.The device will also feature […]

‘Hacker’ arrested over ‘fraudulent claim’ over software defined radios

A hacker has been arrested over a software defined (SD) radio scam.The 26-year-old man, who has not been named, was arrested in a Brisbane suburb and charged with committing an indictable offence, the Queensland Police Force said in a statement.The man was arrested by police in the suburb of Brisbane on Tuesday after he allegedly made false claims of making […]

‘Abandoned’ film ‘Abe’ is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in North America

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here, for it is here that the curtain is to be drawn!” said the Prophet in the opening lines of the Book of Revelations, as the Prophet Elijah appeared to Abraham.This is the opening scene of ‘Abiton the Great’.The Prophet Elijah and the Prophet Jacob appeared to Adam and Eve on the day of […]

How to Get Your HP Scan to Repair Your HP Computer

HPScan, the HPScan software that has been a staple of laptops for years, has been discontinued.The HPScan Team announced the shutdown on Twitter, noting that the software had been deprecated since 2016.HP has also said that HPScan will no longer be supported by the company.For years, HP has relied on the software to diagnose and repair problems in its devices […]

How to stream movies on Windows 10, and get free screenwriters software

When Microsoft first announced the Surface Book, it promised a great Windows 10 upgrade experience.Now, the Surface has a few things to do before it can become a true Windows 10 notebook, and the first of those is making it into the cloud.The Surface Book is now the first Windows 10 laptop to have a full-fledged cloud storage solution.It can […]

How to use a facial recognition camera for facial recognition in a restaurant

In the future, your best bet is to buy a facial-recognition camera, according to a recent study from Carnegie Mellon University.If you can’t afford a facial scanner, you can use a combination of features that make it easy to pick up and use a face recognition device.You can also take advantage of technology that lets you capture an image of […]

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