‘Worse than the flu’: The latest on the flu pandemic

More than two weeks after the pandemic began, some doctors and health officials are still trying to figure out what exactly is causing the widespread illness.The new coronavirus strain, H5N1, has caused a sharp uptick in cases, with officials warning that the spread of the disease is much more dangerous than usual.Here are five takeaways from the coronaviruses pandemic.

Oracle: The FBI needs to get tough on encryption

Oracle software has been used by the FBI to track down suspected terrorists and spy on them.But Oracle has denied that it has any role in helping them evade US government surveillance.Al Jazeera’s Alisa Silverman reports from New York.

Why do I have this error message?

Hacker News author Jeremy Hammond, who discovered a bug that would allow attackers to access any USB drive on his computer, was surprised to find that his computer would show an error message when trying to use a USB drive that was formatted with the wrong drive letter.Hammond has since been able to fix the issue on his laptop, but […]

How to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest mouse software

Updated March 12, 2018 12:15:48 Microsoft has confirmed to Al Jazeera that it is updating its mouse software to Microsoft Cortana.Al Jazeera understands the update is being rolled out to all new Windows 10 PCs.Microsoft said that it has been working with hardware manufacturers to make improvements to its mouse, and it is now the same as before the update.However, […]

Why do people need screen capture software?

The best screen capture programs allow you to take photos without leaving your home screen.But if you’re having trouble getting those perfect images, you might want to consider buying a better software solution.You can find many options from a variety of sources including:Apple’s iPhoto, Microsoft’s Photo Booth,and many more.Read More are among the most popular choices for screen capture applications.There […]

The ‘worst day ever’ for the Australian car industry

The Australian automotive industry will be “wiped off the map” in the next two years if government changes go ahead, according to a report.The Government’s “technology strategy” has been under intense scrutiny and scrutiny, as the cost of new car technology has been blamed for the industry’s recent slump.The latest government data, released today, shows a 13 per cent fall […]

Juventus 3-2 Fiorentina

Juventus 3 “3” Fiorensi win Serie A title article #Juventus win Serie B title Juventus 4-2 Milan (3-2) article #Milan 3-1 Juventus (4-1) source FootballItalia title Juve 3-0 Roma: 3-4 Juventus (Gigi Cavallini’s winner) article Juventus 4 “4” Roma (Giochi Carrasco’s winner!) win Serie E title article Juventus 2-0 Udinese: 2-1 (Luka Modric’s goal) article Luka Kone scored a winner […]

Why Apple won’t pay back Apple stock

Apple stock dropped to a new record low Thursday as investors continued to worry about the health of the company’s financial health.Apple stock has plummeted more than 100% over the past decade, and analysts believe the company will have to pay off the roughly $1.3 billion in debt it has accrued in order to stay afloat.The company is facing mounting […]

What is dj software?

What is DJ software?There are many different DJ software brands and many different platforms that offer DJ software.The dj software industry has grown exponentially in recent years and the number of DJ software companies has grown tremendously too.However, there is one company that has become well-known as the developer of DJing software that has been making some of the most […]

How Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Arabic will tackle extremism

Al Jazeera’s Arabic-language service, which is owned by the state-owned broadcaster, has launched a new campaign to counter online extremism.The campaign aims to counter extremist content with educational programmes and to prevent radicalisation.Al Jazeera has also launched a website in Arabic to offer support for the victims of extremist activities.The aim is to protect children from extremist material and help […]

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