3D modeling software used to make model of US drone strike

By Jonathan GivensPublished August 10, 2017 06:59:00It looks like the most realistic, detailed 3D model of the US drone strikes in Yemen has been made by a team of 3D modelling software specialists at the University of Toronto.3D modeling of a US drone in Yemen, published on GithubThis drone model, released by a 3D simulation firm called elgatos software, uses […]

Microsoft: No more games, no more consoles

Microsoft is taking a major step forward with the next generation of its Xbox and gaming consoles, as it announced today that it will no longer support PC games.This comes after the launch of the Xbox One S, a new version of the console that includes a more powerful processor and more powerful graphics.It also means that gamers won’t be […]

How to set up and configure an Intel-compatible laptop with Windows 10’s ‘security update’

When Microsoft rolled out its new Windows 10 operating system last month, it did not just push out the update for its computers running Windows 8.1 and older versions of Windows.The company also offered instructions for users to update their systems.The update was meant to address a number of issues in the operating system, including issues with the way that […]

How to add a video game sound effect to your website

By now, you’ve probably heard of chirp, the popular text-based video-sharing service.It’s now also available as a standalone audio editing software for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.chirps are audio effects created by audio hardware or software that mimic human speech and sound effects.When you’re editing video, chirping audio can be a great way to give a more dramatic effect, or […]

What’s Next for the Next Generation of Software Development Tools?

This week, we are looking at what the next generation of software development tools will look like, what they will offer, and what they need to become.Read More is a good place to start.The tools are a big part of what makes the software development industry such a success, and with so many of the technologies involved in creating software, […]

How to make your credit card flowchart look good with a flowchart

What you need to know about flowcharts article How to create a credit card payment flowchart that looks good on a credit report.The flowchart below shows how to create your own flowchart for your credit cards, and the credit card companies that offer them.1.Find the Credit Card Payment Category You want to show your credit score You need to find […]

New iPhones with wireless earbuds and Apple Watch could be out next year

The Apple Watch is coming to smartphones and tablets in the next few years. But the Apple Watch’s wireless earpieces are already available on Apple devices.Apple has also added the ability to pair your iPhone with an earbud to use a Bluetooth speaker on the go.And the new iPhones with Bluetooth earbuzzers and Apple Watches will be available in March and […]

How the bible software used by the Pentagon’s turbotaxis computer system could have allowed the plane crash into a house

POLITICO Tech Reporter tool, software reporter tool article The software used to operate the turbotac engines used by Navy ships and planes was designed by a software company and then sold by Lockheed Martin Corp. The software was designed to detect anomalies in the way the engines were being controlled, the Defense Department inspector general said in a report this […]

Hyperx: A Free, Open Source Text-to-Speech Tool

by Andrew Miller, Founder and CEO, Hyperx Software, Inc.Today is the anniversary of the invention of the transistor, the first commercially available device capable of producing the energy needed to charge and discharge a battery.The transistor, invented in the 1860s, was a breakthrough in electrical technology that allowed for an unprecedented increase in the capacity of a battery pack.It was […]

Why are Microsoft Office apps crashing?

It’s a question that has dogged many of the company’s Windows and Office products, and the question remains as wide-spread as ever.Microsoft has said that the reason for the crash is a bug in its Outlook and Word apps, but in an official blog post, the company has also said that it has “replaced the underlying error and is now […]

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