Which mind mapping software is best for video?

Microsoft says it’s a toss-up between the MindMapper software that powers Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant, and the F-Droid software that was used to create MindMapping, a Google-developed software that’s been used in many smart home and home automation products, including Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.But there are a couple of other companies that have made mind mapping products that are […]

How to write a resume and what you need to know about your audio recording software engineer position

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, many companies and industries are looking for audio and video recorders that can help them stay ahead of the competition.If you’re looking to hire an audio recording engineer for your next project, these five questions might help you narrow down the candidate pool.1.Is the company’s goal to automate or automate more than automate?If you’re […]

Cisco and Toshiba announce free office suite, new laptops, more, October 11, 2018

By Chris FennemoreCBC NewsOne of the big surprises at CES 2018 was that the major tech companies have now announced their free software suites.We have heard about several companies announcing their suite, including Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Lenovo, which have all said they will have free software in the coming months.But the announcement at CES 2017 by Cisco was […]

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality video software hits $1 billion in sales

Microsoft announced today that its Windows Mixed reality software, which is used in video apps and augmented reality, hit $1.7 billion in revenue.Mixed Reality is the company’s attempt to make VR more accessible and accessible to a wider audience.Microsoft said that its revenue from Windows Mixed has grown by 40% in the past year.Mixed reality has become more popular over […]

Why Apple won’t pay back Apple stock

Apple stock dropped to a new record low Thursday as investors continued to worry about the health of the company’s financial health.Apple stock has plummeted more than 100% over the past decade, and analysts believe the company will have to pay off the roughly $1.3 billion in debt it has accrued in order to stay afloat.The company is facing mounting […]

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