How to stop Google from spying on your email

Google’s software can now be used to track and track who has access to a website.The search giant is set to introduce a suite of features that will allow it to use cookies and other tracking technology to track users’ movements and read email messages.The move comes in response to a report by the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee […]

How to protect your data from viruses

This article first appeared on CNN Money.CNNMoney is the official mobile app of CNN, and offers you more than 1,400 apps that are designed to help you stay safe on the go.They include news, sports, finance, business, food, travel, health and more.

How to write scripts for the iOS App Store

Author Martin Brinkmann Publisher Digital Trends title How can iOS developers write their own scripts?article A year ago, I wrote an article for The Next User titled How to use a scripting language to automate a lot of the things that we do in our day-to-day lives.I thought it would be a great exercise for someone who doesn’t want to […]

What you need to know about the Jira Software Engineer certification

Developer Jira is the most popular open source development tool for web developers.It’s also one of the most controversial.The popular Java tool is often cited as one of two main culprits of the rise of GitHub as a repository for software development.In this article, we’ll take a look at how the software engineer certification affects a developer’s career path.1.The Java […]

When the Blue Yeti Gets the Green Lantern suit: Adobe unveils its newest software

Adobe has released its newest update for its Adobe® Flash™ plug-in, the BlueYeti, to address a growing demand for mobile-optimized content.In a blog post, Adobe revealed the update, which is available for free download on Windows, Mac, and Linux.The update will be rolling out to users of Adobe® Reader 11.5, Adobe’s new digital distribution platform.The BlueYetis main features are: The […]

HP to launch smartphone scanner software as a feature

The HP Group announced it would soon begin selling smartphone scanners for $199.The scanner software will be available as a free upgrade to all HP smartphones.The software will enable HP users to scan their phones with a 3D camera, and will be able to track the physical location of the device.The new scanner software allows HP customers to scan and […]

How do you create a fake TV with a fake camera?

When you first get home from work, you may feel overwhelmed by the endless stream of digital distractions that have taken over your life.This is especially true if you are a professional, or have a job you are passionate about.There are several ways to fake a TV in order to stay focused, productive and distracted from your computer.Here are some […]

How to install Unity on your PC

The great plains of the United States, where the sun sets in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California, have been home to many people.They are a diverse melting pot of people, cultures, and languages, with some calling it home to the United Nations.Some people call it home as well, as the home of the Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle.But, […]

How to tell when your brother is a software person?

Software is often a big part of the life of a brother.However, there are many times when the software can be more than just a piece of software, and a lot of time, the software needs to be updated.It can be that the software has not been properly installed and needs to have it fixed.If you are looking for software […]

How to fix credit problems for a few thousand dollars

A number of Israeli software companies have come under fire for the lack of security measures in their software.The Israeli government has launched an investigation into the matter, and the software firms involved have been accused of failing to take adequate measures to protect customer data.But while the complaints are largely unfounded, the complaints have also raised the question of […]

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