Logitech Gaming Software Gets $8.4M Offer in $5M Deal

Posted October 04, 2018 08:23:59The makers of Logitech’s gaming and multimedia products announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to pay $8 million to a Chinese online marketplace for a series of software licenses, including gaming software and a webcam software.Logitech is one of several Chinese companies that have been buying up U.S. software licenses to license in recent years, […]

What you need to know about the job market

It’s a busy time for digital job hunters.And it’s not just digital jobs that are attracting the best talent.In a recent report, the Australia Bureau of Statistics found that employment and wages are up by 2.7 per cent since the start of the year, the largest increase since the mining boom.This year, we’ll have more people working digitally than ever […]

When to use the Scribd app: What do you need to know?

Scribd is a digital publishing platform that allows users to publish and share works.But Scribd apps can also help you publish a book, a blog, a music album, a video, or a web page, depending on how the apps work.Scribd has a broad range of apps that can help you get started with publishing, but if you want to get […]

How to Get the Most Out of Sage Software

Sage Software’s software engineering tools are among the most useful software development tools you can buy.But the company also makes a series of software tools that make your life easier and can be used to make your job easier.They include Sage Enterprise, a desktop application that can be installed on any computer with a Sage license.For $299, you can have […]

‘Worse than the flu’: The latest on the flu pandemic

More than two weeks after the pandemic began, some doctors and health officials are still trying to figure out what exactly is causing the widespread illness.The new coronavirus strain, H5N1, has caused a sharp uptick in cases, with officials warning that the spread of the disease is much more dangerous than usual.Here are five takeaways from the coronaviruses pandemic.

Cisco and Toshiba announce free office suite, new laptops, more, October 11, 2018

By Chris FennemoreCBC NewsOne of the big surprises at CES 2018 was that the major tech companies have now announced their free software suites.We have heard about several companies announcing their suite, including Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Lenovo, which have all said they will have free software in the coming months.But the announcement at CES 2017 by Cisco was […]

Oracle: The FBI needs to get tough on encryption

Oracle software has been used by the FBI to track down suspected terrorists and spy on them.But Oracle has denied that it has any role in helping them evade US government surveillance.Al Jazeera’s Alisa Silverman reports from New York.

How the new Apple Pay system is changing the world of tech

Apple has introduced a new mobile payment system for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and the system has a few big changes in store for the tech giant.In addition to the addition of Apple Pay, Apple is making the iPhone 7 a better smartphone and introducing a new feature in the new iPod Touch lineup: a “Smart Card.”In this […]

What’s the latest news about the iPod?

4.5″ iPhones and iPads are getting a little bit older.Apple announced on Friday that its latest iPhones and iPad models are getting an update, but only in the US and Europe.The software update is already rolling out in Australia, but it won’t be rolled out until next month, Apple says.Apple also updated its iPod and iPad Pro models with iOS […]

What is an ‘artificial intelligence’ in 2018?

The question of artificial intelligence is one of the more hotly contested aspects of artificial-intelligence research.As an industry, companies are increasingly moving away from traditional “artificial” intelligence (AI) and towards “deep learning” (dynamic programming) to better understand the intricacies of how we create and use our devices and software.The technology has taken off over the past few years, and the […]

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