HP to launch smartphone scanner software as a feature

The HP Group announced it would soon begin selling smartphone scanners for $199.The scanner software will be available as a free upgrade to all HP smartphones.The software will enable HP users to scan their phones with a 3D camera, and will be able to track the physical location of the device.The new scanner software allows HP customers to scan and […]

The Next-Gen Software for Visual Artists

A new software package for the professional 3D artist is now available.This new package is designed to make it easier to design 3D artwork and share it with a wider audience.The software is available for free online, and it has been designed to work with any 3D printer.“The software is based on Adobe Illustrator and supports the use of various […]

When you’re running on a smartphone, can you tell whether you’re a human or robot?

Google says that the software it uses to measure the speed of your smartphone is not human-like at all.In fact, it’s so accurate it can tell you if you’re actually walking on a trackpad, for example.The company has announced that it’s launching a “bot-like” version of its Sense app that it hopes will allow people to see whether they’re walking […]

When you can’t keep your money in your pocket: The biggest tech mistakes

The first time I was asked if I wanted to see a bank teller, I was shocked.I’d never heard of them.“There’s not one,” I thought.I had no idea they were even on the menu, let alone how they could make money from your money.“Not that I’ve ever been an expert on that,” I said.But I had to see one, because […]

When does free design software become free?

The Globe and Mail’s Free Design software has been free since 2011.The program, which is free for users who buy or upgrade to the full version of the program, allows anyone to create, edit and share free designs on the web.The Globe has not published pricing information for Free Design or other free design programs, but the Globe and AMP […]

How do you create a fake TV with a fake camera?

When you first get home from work, you may feel overwhelmed by the endless stream of digital distractions that have taken over your life.This is especially true if you are a professional, or have a job you are passionate about.There are several ways to fake a TV in order to stay focused, productive and distracted from your computer.Here are some […]

How to play PS4 Pro in the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle

Posted February 11, 2018 07:05:30 PS4 Pros are better than Xbox Ones, but it’s a battle nonetheless.The Xbox One is the king of all consoles when it comes to graphical fidelity and the latest hardware, but PS4 is the one with the edge when it’s all said and done.With PS4, you get more horsepower and more memory, but you also […]

Apple announces iOS 8.0.3 release – Themes and other updates

Apple has just updated its developer’s guide for iOS 8 and released an update to its developer documentation for the new iOS 8 software.iOS 8.3, codenamed “AirPort Extreme” is the latest update to iOS 8 with a number of new features and improvements.Apple’s documentation explains some of the new features:This is Apple’s official iOS 8 Developer Guide for iOS 9.0, […]

How to install Unity on your PC

The great plains of the United States, where the sun sets in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California, have been home to many people.They are a diverse melting pot of people, cultures, and languages, with some calling it home to the United Nations.Some people call it home as well, as the home of the Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle.But, […]

Linux desktop software for virtual reality: ‘We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long’

Linux desktop applications are on the rise, but the Linux operating system is not on the path to becoming a universal desktop OS.Instead, it has found its way into some of the most ambitious projects, but is not yet a viable alternative for desktop applications.This article takes a look at how Linux has evolved over the last 10 years to […]

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