A ‘Made in America’ Job, But Still A ‘Blue-Blooded’ Candidate

I don’t believe a white man can get into this job.I believe he will not get in.As a candidate, I was raised with the motto, “If you’re not white, you don’t belong.”But I am white.And I’m a very talented, very smart person who loves the art of creating.In other words, I’m not a blue-blooded, racist, anti-Semitic person.As far as I […]

What you need to know about the Jira Software Engineer certification

Developer Jira is the most popular open source development tool for web developers.It’s also one of the most controversial.The popular Java tool is often cited as one of two main culprits of the rise of GitHub as a repository for software development.In this article, we’ll take a look at how the software engineer certification affects a developer’s career path.1.The Java […]

Why AMD’s Radeon X1600 has been a disappointment for me

If you’re like me and your PC has been struggling with slow frame rates for more than a few months now, you might want to consider picking up a new graphics card.A new AMD Radeon X800 or X800X can take some of the pressure off your rig, and it might even help.But let’s be honest: The AMD Radeon HD 7970X, […]

When will you get the Razer mouse?

When you buy an Android phone or tablet, it’s worth knowing that you’re not alone.When Apple released its iOS 9.3 software update, it was accompanied by a patch for Android, too.And this time around, there is no guarantee that Android phones and tablets will be unaffected.Apple’s update, however, is available for Android phones as of December 21, and the update […]

When the Blue Yeti Gets the Green Lantern suit: Adobe unveils its newest software

Adobe has released its newest update for its Adobe® Flash™ plug-in, the BlueYeti, to address a growing demand for mobile-optimized content.In a blog post, Adobe revealed the update, which is available for free download on Windows, Mac, and Linux.The update will be rolling out to users of Adobe® Reader 11.5, Adobe’s new digital distribution platform.The BlueYetis main features are: The […]

How to use the mind mapping software to make your own games

Software developer, Sas Software, is creating software that lets you make your games with the power of the brain.It’s a brain-like software program that works in a similar way to how an app works on a smartphone or tablet. Sas Software says that the mind map app allows for a game’s world to be made out of different things, like a […]

How to use a free software program to speed up your workflow

A free software tool that can speed up the workflow of software development is gaining popularity with developers and organizations looking to speed things up in their business.Forget about using a tool like Git, GitHub or Subversion to quickly build and release code.Instead, the best way to speed-up your development is by using a software tool called CodePen.CodePen allows you […]

Logitech G502 Software Scripting and Editing – An Introduction

By default, the default scripting options of the LogitechG502 software are:  Themes and Textures:  A default theme of the G502 is provided, and the G602 provides an option to set it to one of the following:  Textures and Layers:  This option can be set to one or more of the default themes that Logitech offers, and is used to choose […]

The Best Budgeting Software for Small Businesses

By Kate McCarter and Emily MaitlisIn 2016, the average budgeting budget software company in Canada, from a company like Budget Software to a small startup, was only two employees.But that number has grown by 10% since then.For small businesses, the growth is particularly steep, with a whopping 43% increase in 2016 alone.In 2016, we saw a total of 12,000 small […]

How to create a spreadsheet with Excel, Excel-like tools, and the free editor software that makes it easy to work with them

title How does Excel work?How to build a spreadsheet, and how to make it look good.article title Excel for Mac is free, but you need to be a Microsoft Windows user to use it article title Mac users can make a spreadsheet in Excel, but not without a Mac article title Microsoft Windows users should be aware that their Windows […]

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