Microsoft Windows 10 Free for All users

Microsoft is adding Windows 10 free for all users to its free trial program for Windows 10, a move that the company announced today.The free trial is only available to users who have already purchased a subscription to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which was released in November 2017.“This new update gives everyone a chance to try Windows 10 for […]

Which software companies get the lion’s share of your money?

A new report shows that almost a third of the $1.2 trillion in software sales in 2015 came from companies that didn’t pay their workers a minimum wage.That includes nearly $800 billion in software revenue that is made up of software licenses and royalties.The report, “The Software Revolution: A Global Perspective,” released Monday, is based on research by the software-industry-tracking […]

When will you get the Razer mouse?

When you buy an Android phone or tablet, it’s worth knowing that you’re not alone.When Apple released its iOS 9.3 software update, it was accompanied by a patch for Android, too.And this time around, there is no guarantee that Android phones and tablets will be unaffected.Apple’s update, however, is available for Android phones as of December 21, and the update […]

How to use the mind mapping software to make your own games

Software developer, Sas Software, is creating software that lets you make your games with the power of the brain.It’s a brain-like software program that works in a similar way to how an app works on a smartphone or tablet. Sas Software says that the mind map app allows for a game’s world to be made out of different things, like a […]

How to play PS4 Pro in the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle

Posted February 11, 2018 07:05:30 PS4 Pros are better than Xbox Ones, but it’s a battle nonetheless.The Xbox One is the king of all consoles when it comes to graphical fidelity and the latest hardware, but PS4 is the one with the edge when it’s all said and done.With PS4, you get more horsepower and more memory, but you also […]

Linux desktop software for virtual reality: ‘We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long’

Linux desktop applications are on the rise, but the Linux operating system is not on the path to becoming a universal desktop OS.Instead, it has found its way into some of the most ambitious projects, but is not yet a viable alternative for desktop applications.This article takes a look at how Linux has evolved over the last 10 years to […]

How to make the ‘most out of your social media’

How to find the best social media strategy for your business, and how to avoid wasting your time.Read moreA company called SocialLogic has developed an app that can help you find the perfect social media solution.Its called Social Logic for Business, and its been in beta for more than a year.SocialLogics CEO and co-founder Adam Seyfarth says that the app’s […]

Free antivirus and music software: Next Big, Inc.

Free antiviruses and music players are now free on Apple’s App Store.The company announced today that all the software is now available for free on iOS and Android.The program is meant to bring free software to a wider audience, and Apple said that its aim is to make software free to download for everyone.Apple said that Free Antivirus for iOS, […]

What’s your favorite part of a PC?

The best part about a PC is that it can do almost everything you want it to, including gaming.But for many, that includes all the software you use every day.You may not have noticed this fact, but many of the games and applications you use are based on programs written for PC hardware, and even the software itself is built […]

Apple, Google are going head to head in Apple vs Google: Tech website

The tech world is getting a much-needed dose of competition in the battle to control information technology.Apple has become a force to be reckoned with with, and Google is looking to build a similar brand that could challenge Apple.The battle to be the first to market with a new smartwatch or the first tech company to offer a tablet-based mobile […]

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