Why did I pay $4.99 for Razr Pro software?

Razr Software, the maker of the Razr, Razr Lite and Razr Classic Razr computers, has announced a new “Razor Pro” bundle that includes the latest Razr and Razrsoft software, which is available for free from the company’s website.Razr announced the bundle on Tuesday, and users who pre-order the software will receive an automatic two-day delivery.Users who have not yet pre-ordered […]

Free screenwriting and editing software for Android devices

Fox News is reporting that FreeScreenwriting.com, a free software program that allows users to create, edit and share screenplays for Android phones, tablets and computers, is coming to Android.The free software application, which has been available on the Android platform for a few months now, allows users with the right hardware and Android software to create and share screens.It also […]

How the ‘hammer’ became the ‘sparrow’

An artist’s concept of the Hammer, a piece of hardware that transforms a 3D object into a 3-D object.This is the first of a two-part series looking at the evolution of the hammer as a software development tool.Hammer is a three-dimensional object that turns objects into a form that can be manipulated and controlled by computers.The first version of the […]

A ‘Made in America’ Job, But Still A ‘Blue-Blooded’ Candidate

I don’t believe a white man can get into this job.I believe he will not get in.As a candidate, I was raised with the motto, “If you’re not white, you don’t belong.”But I am white.And I’m a very talented, very smart person who loves the art of creating.In other words, I’m not a blue-blooded, racist, anti-Semitic person.As far as I […]

Why AMD’s Radeon X1600 has been a disappointment for me

If you’re like me and your PC has been struggling with slow frame rates for more than a few months now, you might want to consider picking up a new graphics card.A new AMD Radeon X800 or X800X can take some of the pressure off your rig, and it might even help.But let’s be honest: The AMD Radeon HD 7970X, […]

Logitech G502 Software Scripting and Editing – An Introduction

By default, the default scripting options of the LogitechG502 software are:  Themes and Textures:  A default theme of the G502 is provided, and the G602 provides an option to set it to one of the following:  Textures and Layers:  This option can be set to one or more of the default themes that Logitech offers, and is used to choose […]

When you’re running on a smartphone, can you tell whether you’re a human or robot?

Google says that the software it uses to measure the speed of your smartphone is not human-like at all.In fact, it’s so accurate it can tell you if you’re actually walking on a trackpad, for example.The company has announced that it’s launching a “bot-like” version of its Sense app that it hopes will allow people to see whether they’re walking […]

When you can’t keep your money in your pocket: The biggest tech mistakes

The first time I was asked if I wanted to see a bank teller, I was shocked.I’d never heard of them.“There’s not one,” I thought.I had no idea they were even on the menu, let alone how they could make money from your money.“Not that I’ve ever been an expert on that,” I said.But I had to see one, because […]

When does free design software become free?

The Globe and Mail’s Free Design software has been free since 2011.The program, which is free for users who buy or upgrade to the full version of the program, allows anyone to create, edit and share free designs on the web.The Globe has not published pricing information for Free Design or other free design programs, but the Globe and AMP […]

Apple announces iOS 8.0.3 release – Themes and other updates

Apple has just updated its developer’s guide for iOS 8 and released an update to its developer documentation for the new iOS 8 software.iOS 8.3, codenamed “AirPort Extreme” is the latest update to iOS 8 with a number of new features and improvements.Apple’s documentation explains some of the new features:This is Apple’s official iOS 8 Developer Guide for iOS 9.0, […]

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