How to use the Matrix Ita software on your PC to make 3D images

A few weeks ago, we ran an article that explained how to make high-resolution 3D scans of objects using your smartphone.Now, in the latest version of the Matra software, we’ve included a tool that allows you to do the same thing.If you’ve been following the development of the new Matra tool, you’ll know that we’ve been pushing out updates to […]

How to make a game that is easy to learn

Adobe software engineer degree, which is awarded to software engineers who have a proven track record, is a good fit for most young programmers, says David Stapleton, chief marketing officer at the consultancy software developer, software engineering, and design firm The Software Design Group.“The degree is not a prerequisite for becoming a software engineer,” he explains.“But it is a great […]

How to make a 3D printing company go big and become one of the world’s biggest software companies

By Dan McWilliamsIn the digital age, software companies are a powerful force, and they are not only profitable but also very popular.Their rise has coincided with the rapid development of new technologies that allow people to make their own products.In 2017 alone, the number of software companies grew from one to almost one and a half billion.While many of these […]

Free antivirus and music software: Next Big, Inc.

Free antiviruses and music players are now free on Apple’s App Store.The company announced today that all the software is now available for free on iOS and Android.The program is meant to bring free software to a wider audience, and Apple said that its aim is to make software free to download for everyone.Apple said that Free Antivirus for iOS, […]

What’s your favorite part of a PC?

The best part about a PC is that it can do almost everything you want it to, including gaming.But for many, that includes all the software you use every day.You may not have noticed this fact, but many of the games and applications you use are based on programs written for PC hardware, and even the software itself is built […]

Why you should buy the free dj stock software

If you’re looking for free dj products on the web, you’re in luck!If you’ve been waiting for a free dj app to appear, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s finally coming to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.Free dj software (and its derivatives) has been available on the market for years, but only for a limited time.Now, the dj stock […]

What’s the best antivirus software?

Google has rolled out a free antivirus service for Windows users, which lets you check for updates and install software updates.The Windows 10 free update, dubbed Windows Defender, lets users check for security updates and download software updates for their Windows 10 machines.It also lets you install Windows Defender as a background service for your computer, so you don’t need […]

Apple, Google are going head to head in Apple vs Google: Tech website

The tech world is getting a much-needed dose of competition in the battle to control information technology.Apple has become a force to be reckoned with with, and Google is looking to build a similar brand that could challenge Apple.The battle to be the first to market with a new smartwatch or the first tech company to offer a tablet-based mobile […]

When your laptop blows your brains out? Tech companies are getting in on the VR gaming frenzy

I had been planning to try my hand at video games and VR since I first saw the Oculus Rift a few months ago.But after my first attempt at a VR game, I decided that it would be a good idea to find out if I could get my hands on a Rift.The first thing I did was get a […]

Why should we trust a software company?

The software giant that developed the world’s most advanced virus detection software is under scrutiny for alleged misappropriation of confidential information, including emails and data from a database.Coupa, which has been accused of stealing data from its customers and employees, has admitted wrongdoing and has promised to refund customers who have lost money or been charged for the software.But the […]

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