New ‘Couspa’ software developer job listing

Coupa, a new software developer jobs website, announced today that it has secured the hiring of five software developers for the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars.The Cleveland Browns, who are on a two-year contract, are looking to hire one software developer to develop the team’s online ticketing system.The Jaguars are looking for another software developer for their ticketing application.According to […]

How to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest mouse software

Updated March 12, 2018 12:15:48 Microsoft has confirmed to Al Jazeera that it is updating its mouse software to Microsoft Cortana.Al Jazeera understands the update is being rolled out to all new Windows 10 PCs.Microsoft said that it has been working with hardware manufacturers to make improvements to its mouse, and it is now the same as before the update.However, […]

Why You Should Learn to Cook with Open Source Software: How to Design Your Own Kitchen

Today’s article, by John Sutter, is a primer on the software that enables you to create a beautiful kitchen.In this article, I’ll show you how to create and use some of the best open source software for kitchen design.For this article I’m using an open source tool called Tinkercad that is a free, open source program that can create a […]

Why do people need screen capture software?

The best screen capture programs allow you to take photos without leaving your home screen.But if you’re having trouble getting those perfect images, you might want to consider buying a better software solution.You can find many options from a variety of sources including:Apple’s iPhoto, Microsoft’s Photo Booth,and many more.Read More are among the most popular choices for screen capture applications.There […]

Google’s Bing search engine gets an upgrade, bringing new features and security

By Michael MartinelliPublished August 07, 2018 07:12:23Google has made some big changes to its Bing search service in the past year.The company is updating its search engine with new features, including improved search accuracy, search performance, and search integration with other apps and websites.Google’s latest update is the biggest change to the search engine in years, and it brings new […]

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