Microsoft is working on an app that lets you scan an email for ransomware that encrypts the message and then automatically downloads it

Microsoft is developing an app to help customers detect and block ransomware that has infected millions of computers around the world, the company announced on Wednesday.Microsoft’s Windows Defender app has been available for Windows 8 since last fall, but it’s only been tested on Windows 10.It lets customers scan for ransomware with the same Microsoft-developed app.The Windows Defender service works […]

The ‘worst day ever’ for the Australian car industry

The Australian automotive industry will be “wiped off the map” in the next two years if government changes go ahead, according to a report.The Government’s “technology strategy” has been under intense scrutiny and scrutiny, as the cost of new car technology has been blamed for the industry’s recent slump.The latest government data, released today, shows a 13 per cent fall […]

What is the “Vest” plugin for?

Posted May 04, 2018 05:00:09The latest version of Microsoft FreeType is free for anyone to use.That is the news for all, not just the software companies, and it is not for those who are paid developers or publishers.The FreeType Free Software, or FreeType, software was designed to allow the user to create, edit and distribute text, graphics and images in […]

Juventus 3-2 Fiorentina

Juventus 3 “3” Fiorensi win Serie A title article #Juventus win Serie B title Juventus 4-2 Milan (3-2) article #Milan 3-1 Juventus (4-1) source FootballItalia title Juve 3-0 Roma: 3-4 Juventus (Gigi Cavallini’s winner) article Juventus 4 “4” Roma (Giochi Carrasco’s winner!) win Serie E title article Juventus 2-0 Udinese: 2-1 (Luka Modric’s goal) article Luka Kone scored a winner […]

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